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Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Summer" Cleaning?

Happy 1st Day of Summer!

While cleaning might normally be associated with Spring, Summer is a great time (if you have more time) to do some decluttering and organizing. A clutter-free, organized home is easier to clean, and enables you to find things in less than minute. Being organized actually allows you to be lazy since you don’t have to think as much once things are set-up and in their place. It is easier to focus when your mind and environment aren’t cluttered up. If you are a busy parent, you have even more reason to be organized.

Here are some basic but good-to-keep-in-mind organizing tips:

· Have a place for everything, and only one place to minimize looking for something in multiple locations (p.s. no junk drawers!).
· Put like objects together, near where they are used.
· Use dual-purpose items, such as furniture that doubles as storage and decor.
· To determine if something can be discarded, ask yourself: Do you really like it? Will you realistically use it again? Do you own another better one? Is it old, ugly, not working, out of style, out of date, or inefficient? If you throw it out and need another, can you easily get another? Has it been a year since you have used it?
· Go through toys periodically and get rid of ones that kids have grown out of. For little toys and pieces, use clear labeled boxes with lids. Give duplicates or extras to relatives for them to have when kids visit, or donate.
· Don’t buy containers before knowing what you have – choosing the bins or baskets is almost the last step of the process.
· If you have items of importance, they should be displayed or stored with respect, not stuffed away.
· For donations or stuff to bring to someone else, place a labeled box or plastic container near the exit so you are more inclined to see and grab with you when you leave.
· Don't take responsibility for anybody's clutter except your own. If you're hanging onto someone else's extra stuff, give it back. Let them deal with it.

Last but not least, have the beach stuff all in one place so you're ready to hit the sand at a moment's notice. A bag with towels, sunscreen, toys for kids, etc. just needs refreshments and a good beach read. Enjoy the summer weather!