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Friday, July 20, 2007

Are You a Happy Camper?

Camping out in the wilderness, roughing it, enjoying nature. Sounds nice, huh? Well that is NOT what my family will be doing next week but sort of.

We're going camping per se but within a KOA campground so it's not quite under the stars with only the stuff on our backs. But that's okay -- we just happen to like having running (hot) water and amenities nearby when we commune with nature.

Organizing camping gear is somewhere between spending a few nights at a hotel and moving into a college dorm. You seem to bring a lot of stuff. You feel the need to bring just-in-case items and stuff from each of the rooms in your house. Dining, kitchen, bathroom supplies, clothes, personal hygiene, first aid, shelter, bedding ... and the list goes on. If you do like to camp, I thought some tips might be in order. Not everyone does the same level of 'roughing it' so obviously some of the items will be considered luxury.

  • use a checklist to help you pack (try
  • pack items by function/how you'll use them, such as kitchen/dining together in one bin or first aid and health/beauty products in another
  • keep in mind if you're going with children that they do not always 'get' the idea of camping or living simply, and may want some familiar toys or items from the modern world
  • plastic tubs can hold gear while protecting contents from the elements; just don't go too small (adds to clutter) or too large (unmanageable; hard to carry)
  • use the nylon bags with handles that tent and shelter come in since they are easy to carry and identify
  • bring plenty of trash bags, towels, ziploc bags and wipes
  • think about your daily routine for personal items to bring -- what you do in the morning to get ready, what you do at bedtime, etc. -- and then try for travel size versions
  • make meal preparation simple -- you could eat cold/dry items that don't require cooking for breakfast, sandwiches/picnic fare for lunch, and eat out at night
  • get tips and ideas from experts (see or