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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Thoughts on Closet Organizer Systems

I recently purchased a ClosetMaid closet system kit (a basic one) for a bedroom closet. Not being the biggest fan of self-installed systems, I thought I would try yet another brand, another type, and see if my opinion would improve.

There are definitely a lot of options out there -- the white covered-wire types, laminate, shelves, hanging rods, custom installation by closet companies, etc. -- and I certainly like to be aware of all of them. But there is nothing like experiencing first-hand the joy (and frustration) of taking time to assemble something yourself.

The one I got (see picture) is of the laminate shelf variety, and I purchased 2 drawers to assemble and then install into the open spaces. Total cost, around $120. The closet space is long with the width only 3 feet so we actually only used 2 of the 3 rods (only on one side of the tower). Yes it is all done. Yes it looks nice with all of my husband's things beautifully stored inside and on the rods. But... took over 2 days' time! When you take the time and energy to:

  • remove all items from the closet
  • take down existing closet/shelving structures and remove nails
  • spackle and sand holes (plus, in our case, some larger patches where glued wood strips were removed)
  • vacuum the floor
  • paint the walls and ceiling
  • clean light fixture
  • assemble all the closet system pieces
  • install all the closet system pieces
  • put all the clothes inside

Keep in mind that this was done by a Professional Organizer and her husband. We told the kids to ignore the hammering and take their naps (twice) just so we could finish the project ASAP. (I can only take piles of clothes on my bed and on the floor for so long.)

So, yet again, I am further in my resolve that installed closet systems may be a costly, time-consuming investment for something you most likely won't take with you to another house. With so many portable/movable products on the market for closets, it is easy to be creative and meet your needs without 'em. Just my opinion...