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Monday, July 30, 2007

When in Doubt, Throw it Out -- A Small Challenge 4 U

Do you ever look at something and say to yourself, "that's enough! I don't want that anymore, and I'm tired of dealing with it/picking it up/cleaning it/(fill in the blank)!" I have.

If I look at an item and get that sense of annoyance, I chuck it (or donate it if it is useful). It often occurs when I am in my kids' bedrooms or the playroom, which involves throwing away small, annoying toys or itty, bitty pieces of stuff. I feel no guilt or regret. If anything, I feel like a tiny weight has been lifted because never again do I have to see or move or clean or organize that item!

Try this carefree approach in any one room of your house. It could be a bin of toys, a basket of items or a drawer of gadgets. Which thing are you tired of seeing? Is there an item of clothing that is a waste of laundry detergent, or an object taking up valuable space? Then why hold on to it?? Anything that gives you a negative feeling or association -- chuck it. Life's too short to deal with objects giving you guilt or annoyance. Take back your power! :)