Organizing, Redesign & Staging

Friday, August 3, 2007

"AACK! This is so frustrating!!!!!"

One of the challenges to getting and keeping a household organized is getting and keeping everyone else to comply with the organization. In other words, you've decluttered, organized and set up systems but no one else seems to be keeping things organized! Argh -- it can be frustrating because you end up doing it all yourself and feel as if it doesn't matter if no one else is going to help.

I'll admit, there have been a few times myself, where I, too, have muttered under my breath about family members not assisting in keeping things orderly. (Although imagine having a Professional Organizer for a wife or mother -- can't be that fun all the time). You end up sounding like a crazy person mumbling to yourself as you ask "why can't they just (fill in the blank) like they're supposed to? Why am I always refilling this (fill in the blank)" and possibly adding a few curse words.

It can be hard to get others excited and compliant with organizing systems you set up. It is often easier if you get their input and their help in setting them up so there is a sense of ownership and personal involvement. Explain that by helping keep their designated areas tidy, and junk free, you will all benefit.

For the kids, explain that this may mean you will be more likely to let them have their friend over to play, go to the movies, have their favorite dinner, etc. -- if they do their bit. For hubby, it may be to explain, that with a little more input from him and lessening the load of those boring mundane jobs we all hate, you will have a healthier relationship as a result of feeling more appreciated. Perhaps you can convince them that you are more happy when things are organized, and gee, hubby/kids, don't you want that?!??!

Remember that the habits your family has formed didn’t happen overnight and you won’t be able to change them overnight. But if you can make your expectations clear and the systems easy to follow, you'll hopefully reduce your frustrations.