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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Storing Bed Linens

Having just switched to a King-sized bed from a Queen on Monday, I am in the midst of sorting through bed sheets. In our house we now have 2 twin beds, the new King, and a Queen sofa bed. Three sizes of sheets and four different rooms. I have heard of a variety of bed linen storage techniques, and thought it apropos to talk about.

  • In general, I suggest keeping bed linens for a bed with that particular bed, i.e. under it in a rolling under-the-bed bin or very close by. This helps to avoid mix-up. I use linen closet space to hold towels and bins of bathroom-related health & beauty aids as well as extra supplies.
  • I don't have convenient storage in my LR for the sofa bed, but all the Queen-sized linens are in my bedroom (in a doored cabinet serving as a TV stand). We rarely have company and make up the sofa bed, so having these bed linens in a bin labeled "Sofa Bed Linens" there is really fine. I can always carry the bin downstairs to the LR for the 1-2 times a year I use them.
  • I also kept it simple with the kids' twin sheet sets -- plain white; white makes laundry easy/interchangeable and bleaching keeps them clean. Sorry, no Dora the Explorer or Sesame Street sheets, kids!
  • One tip I've heard (which I've tried) is to take an entire matching set of one size and put it into one of the set's pillowcases. That is an option you can try -- I found it great to grab n' go once assembled but since I had a bunch of individual items as well as sets, I ended up having random extras. I also read a suggestion from a woman who assembled sets with a ribbon, which seemed a bit too Martha-Stewart-ish to me.
  • For more tips, I found this article to be helpful (on HGTV's website): organizing linens