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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quickie Tip!

Here’s a quick tip about using a back-of-the-door organizer in a child’s bedroom. In the pic shown, you’ll see how we use it in my 4 ½-yr old daughter’s room, on the back of her closet door, to hold a variety of items. It has tights, underwear, socks, bathing suits, and dance clothes (the things she wears less often are on the top, and daily-reached items are on the bottom half). We have the same set-up for my younger son.

All the pockets are labeled above with stick-on labeling tape from my electronic labeller, and can be removed easily because the organizer is nylon.

Ironically, although it is meant to be a shoe organizer, there are rarely shoes in it. We keep those at the bottom of the clothes closet. I have two rods hung inside, where the bottom one has everything she can reach and might need on a regular basis. In addition, she has a 3-drawer bureau holding pajamas, tops and bottoms. The entire set-up allows her to get dressed and to put away clothes on her own 90% of the time.