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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gotta Love Duct Tape!

I happen to love duct tape. I don't overuse it but I do appreciate its variety of uses. Nowadays duct tape comes in a bunch of colors, not just army gray.
We have a small patch of white duct tape in the tub where there was a tiny hole (consider that free and easy solution vs. having the plumber out!). I used more white duct tape to cover the sharp metal edges of a metal magnet board. Duct tape has also made it onto some breaks in my often-used laundry baskets. Not to mention using it for real purposes in the garage, shed, and workroom...

I bought a new gadget for fellow duct-tape lovers, my dad and my husband, called the Tape Wrangler. It is a dispenser and holder for duct-tape. How cool is that?

Ok, if you're not sold yet, consider what we recently did with duct tape in our finished basement. One small area is still in progress, and we had one of the support pipes/round poles that are common in basements (at least in New England). It was a rusty, ugly sight until my dad suggested we wrap it mummy-style in duct tape. Not only does it look better, but you don't have to worry about the blackish-red residue scraping you if you bump it. Voila!