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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Travel...To Grandmother's House We Go!

With the holidays coming soon, some of you may be doing some traveling to get to your celebration destination. We are lucky that we just drive to the Cape (that's Cape Cod for you outside of New England). I found a helpful website to share that has a bunch of tips for organized traveling.

Check out a few of mine, then see the link "Travel Tips" at the bottom of this post.
  • clean out the car before your trip to make extra room and provide a nice, clean environment to start out in

  • have plenty of the obvious family pleasers (i.e. kids): snacks, drinks, games, books and car-friendly activities. If you have a DVD player, be sure to stock up a few extra movies in the car.

  • use a visor and/or console organizer to hold pens, paper, sunglasses, loose change, cell phone, & other smaller gadgets so everything’s at your fingertips

  • try pocketed organizers that hang on the back of the seat to hold maps, brochures, product literature, umbrellas, business cards & snacks

  • plan out the trip if it is long -- when you'll stop, who's driving, where you can take bathroom breaks. Tell kids about the pertinent info. so they're "in the know" (and possibly will reduce the number of questions along the way!).

  • keep a small plastic shopping bag to act as a trash collector during the trip

  • get gas preferably nearby so you're not spending tons at a rest area/side of the highway station.

  • Other Travel Tips -- bon voyage!