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Friday, January 4, 2008

Decluttering in Cyberspace

I just decluttered my website! Here's why I say that: over the holiday, I changed the host/server of my domain, site and email account. As a result, I had to rebuild the website from scratch and enter in all my email addresses again.

I had saved the 5 web pages from my prior website so that I wouldn't have to re-type tons of text, but other than that, every page design, text choice and image had to be rethought. This re-do gave me the opportunity to 'declutter' the old site and really think through what I wanted this time around. I left off some things, and decided to go the "less is more" route for some of the pages. The irony that my professional organizing business website was too cluttered (in my husband's words) was not lost on me!

Don't get me wrong -- there are still plenty of words and information -- but hopefully the new one looks nice and is helpful to visitors. The basics are up at least (no "under construction" sign for my visitors) and I can continue to tweak it more in the days ahead. Hope you like!

To see the revised version, click