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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Organizing While Traveling

Since I just returned from a trip and I have traveling on the brain, I thought I'd mention a few tips and organizing suggestions that helped us out.

  • when packing, lay out clothing on the bed in categories, spread out in front of you first. When you are sure you have gotten it all, then put into the suitcase or bag in the most efficient way

  • pack extra underwear and socks for kids; you'll be so glad if you need them!

  • mentally go through your getting-ready ritual to identify the items you'll need in the morning; do the same for nighttime (think eyeglasses, medicine you take at night, etc.)

  • avoid paying extra for heavy bags -- we had a large suitcase that was over the lb. limit by 4 but we still owed $50 to the airlines!

  • plan ahead: we came up with general plan of attack for each day, then tweaked once we arrived based on weather and everyone's interest

  • be informed of airport regulations re: carry-ons and non-permissable items. We had to throw away brand new bottles of water at Security. If at all possible, have you and family members avoid belts and tie-up shoes the days of travel (easier going through the metal detector sans shoes). See TSA guidelines for more information.

  • since breakfast was included in our hotel stay, we did that for free everyday, then either had a big lunch and small dinner or vice versa to save a bit on eating out

  • bring the whole Rx container if you have a medication you take daily; if you need a refill or have a question, you have all the information you need

  • bring extras of contact lenses in case you lose one

  • as we create dirty laundry, I put the clothes in plastic shopping bags to keep them separate from the clean ones (like a temporary hamper). Then when it is time to pack, I take the bags and put them directly in the luggage -- easy to sort upon arriving home!

  • include clothes that can multi-task for various outfits. I tend to wear sneakers to travel on casual trips, but pack a pair of flats that could go with a dressy outfit. Jeans and chinos are great in that they go with almost everything.

  • check as much as you can so you don't have to shlep lots of stuff around the airport; you have to get there so early nowadays that you don't want to be burdened by weight as you wait! In our family, we each have a backpack (kids included), although mine is my purse.

  • if there are any plans or reservations you can make from home before you travel, do it. Often it is 99% easy to cancel but can be 100% impossible to get a normal dining time at the restaurant you want. I have placed online dining reservations in cities like Las Vegas and it was great!

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