Organizing, Redesign & Staging

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Organizing/Staging a Home to Sell

Part of the service I offer clients is assisting them in preparing their house to sell. Home staging, whether it is done by a professional purchasing furniture and accessories to fill an empty home or by someone like me using what you already have, involves preparing your home to sell while maximizing its appeal to potential buyers. Part interior decorating and part real estate sales, I use my skills to 'organize' the house into a state where it will be more sell-able.

Here are some more thoughts on the topic from others in the industry:

  • “The …art of home staging focuses on enhancing the overall appearance of a property so that it will appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers. Studies indicate that people typically decide within seconds whether or not they’re attracted to a home, so first impressions are critical.” (

  • “Speaking specifically to real estate agents, we recommend partnering with a professional organizer in your area as a pre-listing step in the home sale process. You cannot properly stage a home with clutter... Providing this service or recommending it to your clients to help them both prepare for the sale of their home and streamline the move to their new home can set you apart from your competition.” (Rain Active Network, Small Business Support for Real Estate Professionals)

  • “Done right, staging can make an impressive difference in how quickly your home sells, as well as in the purchase price”. (

  • “Staging is not about personal style choices but about marketing, and what sells homes.” (Staging Your Home to Sell, J. Dana and M. L. Turner)

Interested in more information? Check out "the" staging authority.