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Friday, February 22, 2008

"Room Remedies" by BHG

My mother recently passed along the January issue of Better Homes and Gardens, which (join the club) had a cover all about organizing. I had to read it, of course, and wanted to see if there were any original or interesting organizational nuggets.

From the many pages on the topic, here are a few things I felt were helpful and worthy of sharing:

  1. "Be sure you know how you want a particular area to function. Pin that down, and you can then determine the best way to organize it." I would also add that it helps in the sorting and purging process because you know what goes into the 'stay in the room' and 'goes to another room' categories.
  2. In kids' rooms "always make room for your child's interests. That could mean bins for sporting equipment, a flat surface for drawing, or a special hook for dance outfits." You also want to use storage that will grow with the child, and not look too juvenile next year.
  3. "Shallow drawers may seem limiting, but they're actually super-efficient. (Deep drawers, in fact, can be dumping grounds.) Organize board games, kids' art and supplies...and albums" in furniture such as armoires, coffee tables or bookcases." I have found that with deep shelves or drawers, you end up piling up items which makes for trouble when pulling out a bottom item!
Hopefully 2008 is making progress towards a more organized year -- if you are reading all the women's magazines, it should!