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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't Forget to Organize Computer Files, Too

I just reorganized my computer's work files in my Orderly Manor 'folder'. I like to review, from time to time, how I have set things up on my computer and do some sorting/purging/etc. (just like real decluttering!). Sometimes I have made too many sub-folders and it is like doing an archaeological dig to uncover a document -- too many layers. So I take everything and de-folder-ize it (yes, not a word). Then I look at the list, delete anything that is no longer relevant or I don't need an electronic version of, and see if any more logical categories present themselves.

I am happy with the way it looks now -- I only have to go into my Orderly Manor folder, and 8 or so basic, most-often-used folder names come up. Within those folders are documents I have reviewed and deemed worthy of keeping. I think I had only 6 files that didn't really fit any of the specific categories, which is fine -- don't want to over-generalize folders so that everything goes in one. Those files are listed under the main folders.

Just a reminder that we need to do periodically go through both our tangible files and our computer files to keep things in an orderly manor. (Couldn't resist! LOL)