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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Granting You Permission to Declutter

A client of mine gave me the insight that I give her "permission" during the sorting/purging process to throw or donate things away. Somehow, having another person (in this case, a professional you've hired) there with you helps to make the decisions and supports or questions your rationale. It is not that the person is unable or incompetent, it is just sometimes we need the extra set of eyes and perspective that encourages us to make changes. Being a professional organizer is like being a coach, cheerleader, therapist, personal trainer and consultant all wrapped into one.

While I will never make someone throw something away, I will ask questions to guide them through the decision-making process in a way that forces them to 'defend' (although too strong a word) their choice. For example, do you love it, need it, or find it to be useful? What are your plans for that item? Do you need that item since you already have one similar?

YOU are in control of your things, not the other way around. Getting rid of extra baggage is quite liberating, so, yes, I do give you permission to declutter!