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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Organized and Clean?!?@!@##!

I often get asked if my house is really organized. Or clients will say they bet everything is super clean at my home. Yes, and not totally (in that order). My life and my house is very well-organized because that is the way I like to live, and find it easiest to live. My family and friends benefit from my organizational skills (as well as clients, of course) so I prefer to stay organized. That's just me.

In terms of cleanliness, my house is pretty clean. My car is pretty clean, the yard is pretty clean. I'd say they are each 85% clean -- are they spotless? No. Do I dust and scrub endlessly? No. But the average person walking in would say that the house is tidy, uncluttered, and decorated nicely I think. It is definitely easier to keep a house clean that's organized. But I do have 2 preschoolers and there's only so much Swiffering and wiping I can do in a day without going crazy.

Sometimes people figure if they clean up, they’ll get rid of the clutter. But remember, there’s a difference between cleaning/staying neat and organizing. Cleanliness/neatness means your space looks good short-term but can get messy again. Organization refers to keeping things in predictable places or arranging things in an orderly manner for the long term.

Just some food for thought ... I've gotta go and clean something.