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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quickie Tip!

Cutting out or keeping coupons is not the problem with coupon organization, remembering or redeeming them is. Often people take the time to clip coupons or file them but then don't follow-up to use them when it would make sense or by the expiration date. If you find that more coupons get thrown then used, here is a technique you can try.

I've always suggested that you keep restaurant, store or retail services coupons with you in your car. That way, you have one when you need it or where it is readily accessible where you would redeem it. If you have room in your purse to keep a bag of coupons great, but you could also keep them in an envelope in the car. I can't tell you how many clients I have worked with that put the coupons in a file in their home, and then the coupons are forgotten and never used.

To build on this idea, you can also utilize your day planner or portable calendar to help redeem coupons. Let's say you get a great discount coupon in the mail for a store you love. Write down the dates of the coupon in your calendar as a task reminder to go there and use the coupon. You can try this method for gift cards, too -- we often forget about them in our wallets. Since there is no expiration date usually, pick a random or not-too-busy day or two on your schedule to jot down going to that store. Remember, if your day planner or PDA is your go-to necessity, use it for TASKS and EVENTS!