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Monday, May 12, 2008

It Bears Repeating -- Don't Keep Something Until... ask yourself:

  • Do you LIKE it? (While this may seem obvious, many times we need to ask ourselves this to see if we are holding on to it for other reasons)Have you EVER used it? Will you realistically use it in the future?

  • Does it make you feel bad, ugly, stupid, guilty or remind you of bad times?

  • Have you forgotten what it does or that you even still had it?

  • Is it old, ugly, not working, out of style, out of date, or inefficient? Do you own another better one?

  • If you do get rid of it and need another, can you easily get it again?

  • Has it been over a YEAR since you have used it? (For most items, if you’ve made it through all 4 seasons and haven't needed it, chances are you just don't need it at all)