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Friday, June 6, 2008

Organizing Tips For Downsizing Your Home

An article about downsizing from Organized A to Z:

Consider these points when starting the process of downsizing and moving on.

A good way to start is to get someone to help you through the downsizing process because it can be overwhelming. You need help and support.

  • Think about what you are really need. Will you need place settings for 12 or will 6 maybe work? Do you really need three turkey roasters? When is the last time you made Thanksgiving dinner or do you always go to your son’s home for Thanksgiving?

  • Consider donations to social services agencies. You may be able to use the donation as a tax deduction and you are helping someone else in need.

  • Why not give pieces of furniture or other possessions to family members or friends that have admired them for years? If your granddaughter has loved your china hutch for years, why not give to her now and see the joy and happiness that it brings her today?

  • Adult children need to pick up their stuff out of your attic or spare bedroom! Unless you have decided to go into the rental storage business, adult children need to get their stuff out of your home.

  • Do not overwhelm yourself. Start with baby steps. Work a little each day on a section of your home: a drawer, or a closet shelf.

  • If you feel overwhelmed looking at a pile of papers that you need to sort through, start with just 15 minutes. Set an egg timer for 15 minutes, sort through the pile and then stop working when the timer goes off. You will make some progress and can start again the next day. Before you know it, you will have sorted through dresser drawers.

  • Remember every item you own requires your time, energy, maintenance, and money. Decide if the item is worth keeping.

While downsizing can be an emotionally and physically overwhelming process, it can be achieved through planning and organization. Taking it one step at a time with some assistance can make the downsizing process a little easier.