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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Be Realistic in the Kitchen

It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff people hold on to, whether it is useful or needed. Despite its small size, the kitchen is a place where lots of stuff hides. When you take everything out and really sort through your kitchen inventory, I bet a lot could get purged.

I've posted and shared lots of kitchen organizing tips in the past, and certainly there is a lot more to be found. But instead of specific how-to or implementing tips here, I want to address some of the 'mental' aspects of dealing with kitchen organizing. Food for thought (pun intended!)...
  1. Be realistic! How many of you are at home/live there? Do you really need all of those [insert items here]? I once had a client who lived by herself but had 2 refrigerators and full-size freezer all in the dining room. (I wish I had that storage but I have a family of 4!) How about 4 mugs instead of 10?

  2. Be realistic! Maybe you used to entertain or have large dinner parties, but do you still? Do you need to have all the specialized partyware in the kitchen or even in your house still? Keep your current lifestyle in mind, not what you used to do or might do in the future.

  3. What percentage of your cabinet space is dedicated to foodstuffs and how much holds dishes/pots/servingware? Often I find clients with a lot more space for that which holds food, rather than the food itself. Things you use less often do not need to be within arms' reach taking up valuable storage space.