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Sunday, August 3, 2008

$ave More with Online Coupon Codes at Checkout

For those of you doing more online shopping these days, possibly due to the cost of gas, I strongly encourage you to check out online discounts before you "checkout".

You can find promotional codes, coupon codes and discount codes at many different websites. On several occasions, I have been in the middle of a purchase then checked out (just to see) online coupons available for that store. These searches resulted in savings! Then I toggled back to the checkout page I was on and entered the code.

Just the other day I did that same scenario for JC Penney and got the amount equal to shipping taken off. I wasn't necessarily looking to buy from JC Penney nor did I have a coupon for them. Another time I ordered business cards from VistaPrint, and was about to pay approx. $25, when I remembered to check to see if there were any coupons in cyberspace. I ended up being able to enter a code that cut the total cost in half. Now I make it a practice to check for online savings whenever I am in the checkout process at an online store.

A few that I have bookmarked are:, coupon cabin, coupon code, and coupon shack. You can also do a search using the terms "online coupon code" and you'll get similar results. It's worth the search. Happy online shopping!