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Friday, August 29, 2008

Banking Online Keeps You Organized

I am a proponent of banking online, not only because of its convenience, but because of the way it aids in organization. While doing your finances this way has its skeptics (some worry about security or the control of the old-fashioned way), using the computer to manage your bank accounts has many benefits:

  • Faster -- Take the time to set up payee information once, then it is all there for future payments. I can plug in payment amounts and choose dates in seconds, covering many payees and bills in a matter of minutes.

  • Less paperwork -- all the information past and present is online for me to access, so I generally don't need to print out anything or keep much for records. When bills come in the mail, I throw away everything but the actual statement.

  • Saves money -- I go through stamps so much slower these days since I hardly ever write and mail checks for payment (the bank handles the mailing so that is another task I give up)

  • Less writing -- on the paper statement, I circle the dollar amount paid, the due date, and only write the confirmation # of the online bill pay

Bottom line: anything that is more efficient, convenient and cost-saving makes for a more organized life!