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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Car Space Can Be Organized Space, Too

I found this information to be interesting, and wanted to share.

According to Road & Travel Magazine, "commuting time has grown 236 percent with the average commute now taking over 26 minutes. With more time spent on the road by the nation's 34 million commercial fleet drivers, there is greater pressure for both domestic and professionals to stay organized in their cars. Arthur Woolverton, National Sales Manager of Talus Corporation, which makes car organizers, says 'Both retailers and research are telling us that most drivers think of their car as another living space and say there is a constant battle to keep their cars organized. Many are looking for organization in their lives while they're on the go, especially the Taxi Moms.' "

The article featured this product, which I thought was cool -- "Pack your drinks, snacks and lunch in this innovative Car Cooler and you'll never settle for drive-thru again. Designed with the driver in mind, hand side flaps let you reach inside without taking your eyes off the road. Hangs from the headrest and can be reached by the driver whether it's in the front or back. One-handed access, easy-clean surface and a sturdy lid. Of course, it's leakproof too! For more information on where to find, visit "
You can find auto and trunk organizers at a variety of organizing websites, too.