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Monday, September 29, 2008

Did You Ever Have a Time...

...when you look at something in your home, an item, and say to yourself "I don't want to look at this anymore"? Or you realize how sick of it you are, or admit you don't like it, or finally take the plunge and toss it with the intent to replace it with a nicer/better/newer one?

Even Professional Organizers have this moment. It happened for me with a plastic bowl, one that I had an intense staring moment with, then I took it out and put it in a bag of stuff to be donated. I'd had it for a gazillion years (it was from my home growing up, so technically I got rid of my mom's bowl) and truly never loved it. It was good for holding popcorn but that is really the only time I used it. Well, no more, I said! Easy as that.

This led to some other significant decluttering moments, because, like a snowball rolling down a hill, this experience gains momentum, and you find yourself in the mindset of discarding other items in your home very easily. [Unfortunately for me, because I keep a lean household and am constantly decluttering, there's not much to get rid of when I get on these rampages.]

Here's a reconstructed mental dialogue from my moment with our toaster: "You know, I'm sick of having that up high in the cabinet. I know my husband likes it off the counter, but it's hard to reach up there. I want to move it closer so it's easier for me. After all, I'm the one making food all the time. I'm the one in the kitchen more often. So @#$@#$ it, I'm moving it! How about lower, like in the island's cabinet, across from the counter I use it on? (few minutes of moving toaster) Yes! I like it! Works for me, and that's what matters!!!" End scene.