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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quickie Tip!

I read a tip in Family Circle recently about organizing chores for kids. The idea was, to keep track of whose turn it was to take out the trash, use 2 different colors of bags. That way, children are eager to take it out when full, so they can replace the bag with the colored bag their sibling is responsible for! I thought that was clever.

You could apply the color-coding idea to many chores and tasks in your home, to make organization easier as well as implementation simpler. I'm sure you've read the idea of writing down events on a family calendar in different color inks, or color-coding files (green for money). Or household items in different colors assigned to family members. Assign a color to each child--one child gets a red towel, toothbrush, cup and brush, and another gets blue, for instance. It takes away the having-to-think-about-it factor and possible arguing.
Think about how you could adapt this principle to your home!