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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Have you considered home grocery delivery?

I know the title of this post sounds like something you'd get in your spam folder, but from time to time I like to ask this of clients and friends. Around my area, we use Peapod -- "one of America's leading Internet grocers" -- to order online and schedule delivery to your house. Using Peapod relates to organization because I plan my dinners on a monthly basis, then sit in front of the computer to order all the ingredients needed for those dinners.

Consider the benefits:

  • "Customers can redeem valid manufacturer's coupons with Peapod drivers; the coupon is credited to a customer's account." Instead of the mad search within the grocery store to match up a coupon with an item while your kids are distracting you, you can calmly take all the time you need to search for an item.
  • "Peapod also features hundreds of weekly specials online." At a glance, you can choose the item on special vs. all the other brands of that same item, or if you are at a loss for what to serve one night, you can review specials and choose that food to serve. I like to click the Specials tab first upon entering the site.
  • Groceries are brought to your house, into your kitchen, on a day and time frame you determine. What more can I say about that??
  • In re: to the delivery fee, because I order once a month, the order is always above $100 so I pay the lowest fee. When you use direct banking acct withdrawal, Peapod deducts $1, too, so the fee becomes nominal.
  • If you do their Refer-A-Friend offer, you get $10 off: click here

Peapod features over 8,000 products in a range of categories: produce; meat and seafood; deli items; prepared foods; natural and organic foods; Kosher foods; office and school supplies; seasonal items; and video products; pet items; health and beauty aids; wine, beer and spirits (in specific markets) and private labels from Peapod by Stop & Shop and Peapod by Giant.