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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quickie Tip!

I don't rely on many fancy organizing gadgets for my car, although they are available and I've shared them with you in other posts. What I do have is a simple non-lidded bin (like the ones pictured here) that sits on the floor in between the front and 2nd rows. It is within my reach as the driver and within my kids' reach in the seat row behind me.

Instead of items like Kleenex, the compact umbrella, misc. toys et al spreading all over the floor, we corral them in the bin. Other than it, there is nothing else on our car floor. (We're lucky, too, that the Odyssey comes with an under-the-passenger's-seat drawer that we use for holding DVDs). When I find the bin cluttered, I can pull it out (even bring it into the house) and deal with it. Simple, but effective!