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Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday Funday!

Today is Cyber Monday, the close relative to Black Friday. If you are looking for online deals, today is your day. Even entering in the term "Cyber Monday" will get you started in the direction of savings.

Did you partake in the Black Friday or weekend shopping sales? I did and, phew, am I tired. We hit the stores all 3 days of the holiday weekend, but the majority of items we bought were for us or the household, not Xmas gifts. Having the shopping done for Christmas allows me to take my time strolling through the stores at a normal time of day, picking up what I want for me or our home. It was great!

Don't forget both for today and any day you do online shopping that you should always open up another window and search for promotional codes for the store site you're on. I find discount codes 75% of the time that give savings to an order I would have paid full price for anyway. Many times I wait until the checkout pages to do this, and then copy and paste the codes to see if any work. Some coupon sites to check out:,, and Many of these also list Cyber Monday deals.