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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let Go of Your Stuff

March's Real Simple magazine has an article from a reformed hoarder about "10 ways to let go of your stuff". Here are some of the highlights summarized:

  1. get rid of items of the past to make room for the present
  2. you probably won't fix the items you set aside to fix one day; the amount you would be willing to pay for them new is less than the cost of having them fixed
  3. no one will notice a gift missing and ask why; don't keep gifts just because you feel it is the right thing to do (if you don't like, don't keep)

  4. admit that you don't like an item; don't live with it out of 'pure apathy'
  5. know what you really need (be realistic!)
  6. let go of the guilt; think about whether loved ones who've passed away would truly want you to keep all that stuff
  7. face it: 'one day' almost never comes; storing all those one day items costs mosre than they are worth