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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Simplicity is Part of the Success of Being Organized

I originally posted this on my blog a year or two ago, but I am revisiting it because the principle comes up all the time in my organizing work. I often say to clients, less is more. Less you have, more organization you have.

Heard of the "KISS" principle of "Keep It Simple, Stupid"? It can often apply to organizing and home staging -- without the 'stupid', of course. Sometimes less is definitely more, especially when it comes to clutter. Obviously it is easier to clean when you have less 'stuff', and the goal of decluttering is to reduce what you have. Another aspect of simplicity in organizing is that you want your life to be simpler, peaceful, more orderly, and easier to find things. The search for items, for example, should be a simple one. The systems you have in place in your household should be easy to implement and simple to follow. You have better success in staying organized if you keep it simple. Home staging, or preparing your home to sell, also needs simplicity. It is best to get rid of personal items, the amount of furniture and decorative touches, and go neutral. The simpler decor maximizes the square footage and accentuates the positives.

"Simplicity is not about DEPRIVATION. Our homes should shelter and nourish us physically and emotionally. But sometimes we lose sight of that PURPOSE and let our homes dominate our lives." -- Linda Breen Pierce