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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isn't It Annoying When... come home from the grocery store, just to realize that day or the next day that you needed one or two other things? That you could have bought them but didn't realize you were out? That you had gotten everything on the To Buy list, and then had to write down 1-2 more things? "If I had known, I could have picked that up!" Arrgh. "Of course we ran out of [fill in the blank] the day after I went grocery shopping." It can be very frustrating.

So what can you do about it, shy of running to the store every day? Buy two of everything. When you do buy another, buy a 2nd so that you have a back-up. that way, you don't have to buy an item reactively right away out of necessity. [This is an easier feat if you have additional pantry/storage space, a second refrigerator or freezer, too].

Keep a list near the fridge in the kitchen with a handy pen or pencil, so that you can readily write down what you're out of. Inform/train family members to do the same. Additionally, write down a To Get item when it's running low and will run out in the foreseeable future.