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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tips for Travel by Automobile

The key to successful road tripping with children in tow is preparation and organization. Actually, even if you are not traveling with kids, the same applies.

Here are some tips for making the experience of car travel better with preparation and organization in mind:
For each child, have one backpack or bag allowed. Kids can choose their favorite items as long as it fits in the bag. It is also a good time to add a new toy, travel game or book to keep their interest -- maybe it is a special toy they don’t get to play with on a regular basis. for adults, consider recorded books, an MP3 player that works with your car stereo, and (for passengers) a portable DVD player for watching movies. Bring plenty of convenient snacks and bottled water (in a cooler if possible), as well as wipes, gum and a trash bag.

Make sure your car is road-ready. The last thing any car traveler wants is to run into trouble along the way. Take the time before you set out to make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip (i.e. gas, it's cleaned out, etc.). Prepare or purchase a car emergency kit -- a few emergency essentials that will get you out of sticky spots until you're able to get help should you run into trouble along the way. Your emergency kit should contain car maintenance basics like motor oil, a fix-a-flat kit, wiper fluid, and coolant. Also pack some bottled water and non-perishable snacks, a blanket, a basic first aid kit, and a few bungee cords. In addition to your kit, consider programming your auto club's emergency number into your cell phone so you can get in touch quickly if you run into a snag.

Don't overpack. Just because you can bring a lot with you doesn't mean you should. Remember: the more you bring, the more crowded your car will be and the lower your gas mileage. Go about packing for car trips the same way you would for other trips: make a list of what you'll need based on your destination and what you'll do there. You might throw in a few extra outfits, shoes, or sporting equipment you wouldn't normally be able to take on a plane, but don't cram your trunk full: you'll still want space for things you pick up along the way.