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Friday, April 10, 2009

What, No Rooms Just for Gift-Wrapping?

I had to laugh when I read over the weekend that Candy Spelling (Tori's mom) had 3 (yes, 3!!) rooms solely dedicated to gift-wrapping. Imagine, having a room just for wrapping presents? Since most of us don't have that luxury, it encouraged me to repost some tips on gift wrapping I provided a couple of years back.

It is helpful to have a ready supply of both cards and wrapping paper/gift bags.
Cards: I use a card organizer box, that has tabbed dividers by category (Thanks, Birthday, etc.). I generally stock up on greeting cards at
Current or if I see ones I like at the store. If you have them at home, you're less likely to have to make a special trip to Hallmark to get a card and will have one if you need one last-minute (such as a thank-you card that Hubby needs ASAP but didn't mention until now!).

Wrapping: I like gift bags because they are easy -- plus I save the ones given to us if they have wear left. If you get a bunch of different sized bags without a specific theme and have lots of white tissue paper on hand, you're all set. I also take the solid colored ones and use marker or paint pens to embellish the bags for an occasion. Curling ribbon works well because it can go on wrapped boxes or to tie the handles of a gift bag together (plus I think it is fun to curl with one edge of scissors!). Gift bags are good for awkwardly-shaped items, too.

If you do like gift wrap better, go with flat wrap that can be piled efficiently into a Rubbermaid tub or plastic lidded bin. You can stock up on flat wrap at dollar stores or when you see it on sale.You can flip through flats of paper easily; rolled tubes of paper seem to be space-wasters, and I don't like how they are 'curled'. Label plastic bins of wrapping to show "All Occasion" or "Birthday/Holiday". Generally I use wrapping paper if I have a box or the item is in a container.