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Friday, May 22, 2009

When You Care Enough to Have the Very Best...

One thing I have found helpful to have on-hand is greeting cards. Especially when you have kids, and they're invited to tons of parties, it makes it easy when you have one less thing to go out and get.

I use a card organizer to hold categories of cards, such as Juvenile Birthday, Get Well, New Baby, and Sympathy. I look through the sections on a regular basis to make sure each type of card is well-stocked. Obviously some types of cards are accessed more than others, which is fine -- once bought, I don't have to buy again for a while.

Not only does such a system work well when I need a card, but it allows me to store individual cards I come across from time to time -- ones I like but don't necessarily have a person or occasion in mind for.

You can buy cards in bulk at stores like Hallmark and Current.