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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As I Went Walking...

I just got back from an early morning walk through the neighborhood, and as I was walking, noticed things that begged me to blog about them. I guess the title of this post could be "Outside Clutter" -- stuff in yards that make for eyesores. Certainly I get to see a lot of lovely homes and yards, but I feel bad for the few that spoil it.

It's annoying when one takes care of their yard but has to look out on a not-so-nice vista of a neighbor's unkept yard. A few of my observations from this morning (p.s. photos are NOT what I actually saw!):

  • crap hanging out on the lawn/yard -- random items like machinery, tools, mowers, bins or kids' playthings not put away: Outdoor Clutter!

  • Christmas lights (that one is just too obvious to say why it bothers me)

  • overgrown lawns or planting areas -- at least take a look from the curb and see where some sweat could be applied towards to "clean" up

  • holiday flags where the holiday was months ago

  • trash on sidewalk

  • bushes or trees that hide much of the house -- it really doesn't cost a lot to trim back the vegetation to proudly display your home

  • scraggly, broken-up driveways

Other than leaving my business card in the guilty parties' mailboxes, I suppose this venting will have to suffice. The lesson is: attempt to control the clutter both inside and outside your home. What you and others see when they drive up to your house is a reflection of you.