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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Purse Organizer Review

I recently was given a purse organizer, and have been trying it out. It is called the "ultimate purse organizer" by Joey Junior, and it is like a long rectangle of fabric (5" x 26") with pockets, key clip, and velcro fasteners [see photo]. The ends velcro together to make a loop which can stand upright, which helps keep soft-sided bags (like my roomy one) stable.

You might be wondering, does it work? Well, so far, so good, although perhaps the purse of a Professional Organizer who only uses the one purse (no changing bag according to my outfit) isn't the best test subject. But I love organizing products, and I like having direct, personal experience that I can share with clients.

To get more info., see all of the purse accessories at
Joey Junior, including the foldable purse hanger, which I keep forgetting to get from my uber-organized purse and use!