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Monday, August 3, 2009

School Supplies? Halloween Stuff? It's 1st Wk of August!!!

Yesterday we were in Michaels, and saw multiple displays of Halloween decor, crafts and orange/black scary stuff. Mind you, it was August 2nd. Am I the only one bothered by this? It seems like this early onset of the holiday surprises me each year, or maybe Corporate American is pushing the stuff earlier and earlier.

The other thing I have noticed a lot of (starting in mid-July) is ads for school supplies and back-to-school sales. Now the college stuff I can understand, although I never started back to campus until at least the end of August when I was in college. But stores are also advertising the K-12 gear already, which seems bizarre to me since it feels like my kids just got out of school (they did, at the end of June). Yet one month later, I saw backpacks and fall clothes aimed at the school-age set on sale. I know I don't want to see any of that stuff anytime before it's necessary -- that would signal the end of summer!

The only thing I can see that's a benefit to all this way-too-early selling is that if you do get it now, stores won't be out of what you want the first week of school. For ex., my kids already chose and we purchased their new backpacks a couple of weeks ago. 1) they were on sale, and 2) securing that fave Hello Kitty and Transformers means no endless searching closer to the 1st day of school.

Otherwise, let me enjoy the summer, World of Retail!