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Friday, July 6, 2007

No Time for Time Management

I have a quote that I LOVE about time management: "Those who make the worse use of their time are the first to complainof its shortness." -- Jean De La Bruyere. The essence of the quotation is that we complain a lot about not having time to do this or that, and I think that is an overused excuse. Yes, I said it. I know I won't be popular for having done so, but I think it is true.

When friends or clients tell me that they don't have time for a specific activity, I suggest it is that might be because what they want or need to do is a priority, and other things go on the back burner. Yes, there are some things we cannot avoid, but maybe there are alternatives -- think grocery delivery instead of going yourself; saying no to invitations or long-term commitments; scheduling 'family time' with strict no-planning-other-activities adherence.

I bet you, that if we analyzed our day, I could find 1/2 hour for you to read a magazine, make a phone call, or listen to your iPod. Sometimes it takes creativity or changing the way you normally do something.

If your weekend seems to be the only time for leisure activities, here are some time management suggestions:

  • Attend only one big event per weekend day
  • Honor naptime/rest time
  • Build more chores into the week
  • Outsource whenever possible
  • Set aside unscheduled family time
  • Be more selective about social obligations
  • Cut down your kids’ weekend activities or commitments (i.e. sports)
  • Avoid daylong projects
  • Leave work at work

Avoid these time-wasters:

· Attempting to do more than you can handle
· Trying to do everything yourself
· Scheduling activities so that you have too little time to do it all, or too much time on your hands · Jumping from one thing to the next without getting one thing done fully
· Not using commuting or traveling time wisely
· Trying to be perfect – no one is

Ultimately, you DO have control over what you choose to do!