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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Orderly Car, Orderly Life

Whether you operate "Mom's taxi service" or work full-time using your car as a mobile office, car organization is often overlooked. I consider our vehicle an extension of my home, so you won't find it a disorganized, messy place. We spent way too much money on our cars to have them be dirty or cluttered inside!

If you work from your car, it might be helpful to keep/use the following:

· a “To Be Read” folder with you; review during stops or waiting for an appointment
· a small spiral notebook, handy for jotting down notes or phone numbers
· a visor and/or console organizer, to hold pens, paper, sunglasses, loose change, cell phone, & other smaller gadgets so everything’s at your fingertips
· pocketed organizers that hang on the back of the seat to hold maps, brochures, product literature, umbrellas, business cards & snacks
· a plastic coupon envelope/organizer to put fast food, car wash or store coupons, etc. in, so you have them while out & around town (also handy for keeping receipts you collect while in the car so tax deduction paperwork’s easier)
· a compact office-on-the-go, using a covered handled basket or box with office supplies. Store basic items such as letterhead & envelopes, business cards, stamps, calculator, pens, pencils, stapler & staple remover, scissors, paper clips, etc.
· a large sturdy crate or plastic basket in the trunk, to contain files, product samples, literature or other items for parties

There are also a lot of products on the market that help keep the family minivan organized. You can find trunk organizers, back-of-the-seat storage organizers, between-the-car-seats activity storage holders, visor organizers, and a variety of gadgets to hold cell phones or coffee cups. One of the many organizing product websites that has a variety of auto accessories is Stacks and Stacks.

Bottom line is, if you spend time in your car, it is worth it to keep your vehicle organized so you're surrounded by an organized, orderly space. Bon voyage!