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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ye Olde Junk Mail

Unless you move a lot, junk mail seems to gain a power of its own. Stop the insanity before it gets inside! I found this tidbit to be help in managing the clutter proactively.

From OnlineOrganizing: Are you tired of the barrage of JUNK mail you receive? Catalogs, pre-approved credit cards, advertisements, unsolicited offers -- how many trees do we kill each day in the name of marketing?! While you can't prevent all junk mail, you can do your part to get off of the mailing LISTS that generate much of this excess paper.

Here's the link of helpful ways to get off the lists: END THE JUNK MAIL
And fellow organizer and friend Janine Godwin of Nooks and Crannies Professional Organizing did a blog entry on junk mail too: READ HER BLOG POSTING