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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Extent to which I'm Organized: Freak or Not a Freak?

I know that I am a very organized person. In fact, organized might be an understatement, but that's a good thing for a Professional Organizer, right?

It dawned on me today that my organizational personality delves into the far reaches of daily life. The reason it came up is that I was looking at our calendar. It is a calendar printout of the month as input into our Palm Pilots; whatever we have in our PDA gets uploaded into our computer, then I print out the monthly calendar and display it in the kitchen. OK, back to the epiphany: I had entered into the calendar when the TV season's premieres were on. As in, tonight, "Heroes season premiere" was logged in at 9pm. Do most people have TV shows on their calendar so they don't forget?

Oh, and it wasn't just Heroes. I also had input Grey's Anatomy and last week had Survivor. In all fairness, I also have the kids' school schedule, my husband's teaching schedule, deliveries, birthdays, social events and due dates. Normal things, regular things one would want on a calendar. But I figure, if I put something down in black and white, I won't miss anything.

My kids and husband benefit from my organizational skills, most of the time. Although for holidays, because I plan far in advance, my kids get a little confused and disappointed. I recently finished making my son's Halloween costume, and trying it on, he started to get excited for the trick-or-treating. Poor thing -- he has to wait a month and a half. Same thing happened when I hung up Christmas decorations on Dec. 1, and my kids kept wondering when is Santa ever coming?

The list of things I keep track of and have organized in my home and personal life goes on and on, so I guess the bottom line is "yes" to my title's question! Keep me in your prayers....