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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Laundry Trick

In the ongoing cycle of doing laundry, sometimes we tend to have a down-and-up, passing relationship with baskets of dirty and clean clothes -- this basket is going down to the washing machine, that one is full of clean clothes to go upstairs, etc. Especially on days we're doing several loads, I have baskets passing like ships and only I know what's going where (our house is 3 levels, with bedrooms on top and the laundry area in the basement).

If you're uber-organized, you use different baskets for dirty and for clean so there is no guess work. Or sometimes you can figure it out because, for ex., all the contents are white clothing so they must be a load of clean whites.

If things are not so straightforward, here's an easy trick to help. If you have a basket of clean clothes you have yet to fold or put on the right level or in the proper room, take an item like a shirt or pair of paints from the basket. Fold that one thing very obviously and place it on the top of the basket's pile of clothes. It provides a visual clue that the basket holds clean clothes for both you and anyone else (read: husband)!