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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tool Holder Extraordinaire!

Today we worked on the final phase of finishing our basement. It was 90% done, with the last section left to finish being our workshop area. In fact, my side is done; we only had my husband's tool area to complete.

My contribution to his space (because I can't not give my organizing advice) was a magnetic tool holder I bought way back before we had even finished the space. I was so looking forward to hanging it up, and the reality equaled my dreams!

My husband finally admitted that he, too, thought it was pretty cool, and we're thinking we need to get 2 more. We have the one bar installed into studs above the work table surface. The additional ones to hold auxillary or less-often used tools and gizmos can be mounted above it.
Not only is the magnet super strong, but no more worries about putting the things exactly in one spot. Just grab and go, or find an empty spot and return. Here are a couple of links for purchasing online:, Lowe's