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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Information Overload -- Clutter of the Mind

I spend a lot of time on the computer and reading. Other than eye strain, the biggest pitfall of these 2 activities could be information overload. To avoid this dilemma, here are some tips:

  • Be realistic about what you really want to read on a regular basis. Limit magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Be brutal about keeping things you get in the mail and buy from the store in terms of reading material. Use an upright magazine holder to contain periodicals and catalogs and, once it's full, purge.
  • If you find an article or coupon in a magazine, rip it out then and there. Do not put the magazine aside with the idea you'll look at it again later to do that task. That's how periodicals pile up and then you don't remember why you kept them. File articles in the specific subject file or place they belong; don't store away entire magazines for future reference. Same goes for catalogs: almost every page has the website address or company name on it so you can order item (then put page in your To Do or action file).
  • Take the time to "unsubscribe" from unwanted email sources (link is usually on the bottom) instead of just deleting. If the amount of spam gets too out of control, consider changing your email address to a different free one.
  • "Bookmark" Internet pages if you want to look at later, but then make time to purge "Favorites" or delete websites you don't need anymore.
  • When you buy a new book, choose an old, existing book to donate or sell. One in, one out.