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Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Organized Santa

A couple of days ago I sat down for a marathon session at the computer and ordered the items from 2 or 3 online stores. Presto -- the list is almost complete. I put a check mark next to the gifts purchased, and leave just the item name if I know that is want I want to get but haven't bought yet. The list currently resides near my desk but in the past I put it in my purse if I actually have to go the brick-and-mortar route (God forbid I have to be in a store in November or (eek!) December!!!). I just would rather avoid dealing with the holiday craze and prefer to get it out of the way.

I just started writing down my kids' Christmas presents -- some are "want to get" and some I've already ordered. The information is written down on a simple list for each child, but if you want to get a bit fancier or official-looking, try the Holiday Gift List Worksheet from Real Simple by clicking this link: gift list.

Before you get too annoyed with me for my early Christmas shopping, understand I still have items to get (i.e. Stocking stuffers and some gifts for others). My list helps, though, because I can always write down ideas and then I'm halfway there in my opinion.

And how do I handle the influx of merchandise for these months before Xmas? I use a large Rubbermaid bin/tub (not labeled to avoid curious preschoolers) and put all items in it. I keep the stocking stuffers and smaller items in separate shopping bags with an attached stickie note stating who they're for -- makes it easy to grab the bag, wrap a few of the contents, then stick right into the person's stocking on Christmas Eve.

When I have time to wrap over the next month or so, I pull out the bin and wrap a few at a time, then put it back. I often do this while watching TV or when the kids are napping or at school. I use gift tags so I know who gets what, so eventually I end up with a large bin or bins full of wrapped presents.

Do you think Santa Claus is an organizing freak, too?!?!?