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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just What We Need, More Holidays...

You probably don't need to mark your calendar for these holidays, but I thought they were funny and wanted to share! I can't believe someone takes the time to make these "official days", "weeks" or "months". Is Hallmark behind this??!?!?

Holidays for November...(from
America Recycles Day - November 15th: how much of that "get rid of" pile can go in the recycle bin?
Pursuit Of Happiness Week - The Second Week In November: what would make you happy this month?
Clean Out Your Refrigerator Month - November: if it's green, hairy, or dried up, it's out of here
Buy Nothing Day - The Fourth Friday In November: avoid the shopping frenzy and spend a quiet day instead
Addictions Month - November: does an addictive behavior keep you from being organized?

Looking forward to "Make Up Your Mind Day" in December and "Clean Up Your Desk Day" in January (yes, real holidays). Should I send out cards?