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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Using Under-the-Bed Storage

Here's one of my fave organizing products -- a clear/opaque under-the-bed box. They are great for using the underutilized space below your bed, and the newer boxes are easier with wheels and/or lids that can open on one side.

The main benefit is that you use space you normally might not! These boxes are great for:

  • the bed linens for that bed -- sheet sets, extra blankets, etc.

  • storing kids' artwork and memorabilia (one per child, with label on outside)

  • out-of-season clothes and footwear

  • purses, handbags and/or occasion bags

  • duffel, travel or extra makeup bags
  • or anything that you normally store in the bedroom because you use it there

You can opt to get the bed risers to 'lift' your bed up and create more space if needed. Our king-size bed doesn't require them for the under-bed boxes to still fit and move easily, but my daughter's twin bed did need the risers. You can see from the example photo (not her room BTW) how much room is gained. TIP: measure the allowable space from the floor to the lowest point underneath the bed (some frames have rails that go lower than the rest of the bed) and have that information before you go shopping.

Another option is under-the-bed bags and organizers for shoes.