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Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Storage - Location, Location, Location

The following information is a combination of: 1) ideas and statements created by, and 2) tips and additional ideas of mine inspired by material from, my friend Janine Godwin of Nooks and Crannies Professional Organizing in Katy, TX. [In other words, most of it is hers, some is mine LOL!!]

To make space for all your holiday decorations and related 'stuff', here are some tips you can use now or when packing up after the season is over for where it should go.

Attic Storage

  • If you want to maximize the amount of space you have available in your attic area, then the reality is you need to clean the space. In order to have it work for you instead of against you, then starting from scratch may be the answer. If you need the space, then you need to create the space.

  • If you have an attic, and it is unfinished (i.e. exposed joists, wiring, etc) make the space work for you! You can install plywood across the joists and create a great storage area. A wonderful alternative is Attic Dek®, which are pre-measured high-density plastic panels that are made to simply screw into place, giving you the space, ventilation and strength you need.

Closet Storage

  • Use your indoor closet space for smaller holiday items such as ornaments, breakables, heirloom pieces, etc. Don’t waste this valuable space with garland, wreaths, trees, and outdoor ornaments which are all large and bulky, unless you have the equivalent of a small room-sized closet.

  • Store items in clear plastic tubs. This allows you to see what is inside at a glance. Use smaller tubs, which are easier to lift, configure and stack.

  • Stacked tubs/boxes are more difficult to get to than those that are stored on shelves.

  • Take advantage of specialty storage items designed especially for holiday ornament and decorations (check out stores like Target and WalMart first).

  • Inventory of all your decorations. This is a great time to do an actual written list of your seasonal items. Place the lists inside a binder or notebook to refer to at anytime of the year. You can also tape a list of items inside each bin lid, or inside the front facing out, so you know at a glance what all the contents are inside.

  • Label everything.
Garage or Shed Storage

  • Placing large tubs or boxes on plastic pallets, not only gives you a dedicated storage space, but it keeps the contents from getting wet “just in case”. The High and Dri Storage Pallet® is another one of those ideas that come in handy when you need that extra space.

  • Store bulky, heavy items in your garage, and not indoors. Invest in a Christmas tree storage bag or tubs to safely store and protect your investment. No one wants to lug a tree out of the attic each year, so make it easy and store the tree at ground level.

  • Think “vertically”. So much wasted space in garages is due in part to lack of storage space above eye-level. Professionally-installed shelving or a “garage lift” can give you much needed storage space for holiday decorations.

  • Remember, anything you only need once a year shouldn't be in prime nearby real estate; it can be the furthest away and the least accessible when you are considering storage spots.

For additional Christmas organizing tips, see my post from 11/27.