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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Checking In

Ok, consider this a virtual coaching opportunity for you to see where you're at with your holiday goals. Pretend I'm right there, asking you:

  1. Are all the gifts bought? If so, wrapped? If not, do you have a list or something in mind for those that are left? Have you remembered all the service people and workers that you interact with on a regular basis?
  2. If not wrapped, do you have sufficient wrapping supplies to do the gifts?
  3. How about stocking stuffers?
  4. Have you sent out Christmas cards? If not, do you have the actual cards ordered or bought? Are you planning to work on them by a certain date? Don't forget stamps and return address labels to make the work easier.
  5. Are you hosting any holiday festivities such as get-togethers or parties? What supplies do you need (food, drink, decor)? Do you know how many are coming, and if there are overnight guests, do you have everything you need for their stay?
  6. Is the Christmas tree up?
  7. Is outdoor decor all set?
  8. If so, are there any things you could purchase to make next year's holiday storage easier (i.e. bins, plastic wreath containers)? Are there boxes or outdoor decor to replace?
  9. When you see them on sale, can you buy needed wrap, ribbons, bows or cards for next year?
  10. Can you make a To-Do list of anything you still need to deal with over the next 12 days?
  11. Have you thought ahead to New Year's plans?