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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No, I Haven't Taken Down the Decorations Yet

I was in Target today, wandering the aisles, and saw oh-so-many holiday plastic storage bins. I did get some post-Christmas bargains -- gift wrap, cards, et al -- but did not buy any more bins or organizers since I feel like I have enough stuff for the holiday.

I am less in the accumulating mode, and more in the replace it or one-in-one-out mode. That is, I will buy Christmas paper and bows at 50-70% off in the days that follow Christmas and then put all of it (along with the other leftover gift wrapping gear) into its appropriate labelled bin. The stuff I buy replaces what I used -- it's an ebb-and-flow kind of situation. Or, if I get new ornaments, I will donate or toss an equal number of older ones. I don't have to continue buying plastic baskets until I have one for every 12 Days of Christmas, that's for sure!

In a prior post, I talked about holiday storage (read that post). My fave bins are my ornament organizers (see pic) and round wreath storage container. I bought mine a couple of years ago, and have had a hard time finding them online other than the link -- I prefer the sturdy plastic vs. a box or bag.

I also think the light organizer shown here is great.

I generally take the tree down a couple days after Christmas, and then the rest of the decor on January 1st-ish. It takes some time to put the items up, and just as much time to dismantle, pack and store.

Hope your de-decorating goes well and your holiday decor and supplies stay organized!